Think • Stimulate • Bridge

Each edition of the Atlantic Dialogues marks an important milestone for this flagship conference launched in 2012 by the OCP Policy Center of Morocco and the German Marshall Fund of the United States, held every year in Marrakesh, Morocco. With the initial vision to underscore the growing importance of Africa and Latin America as actors in the Atlantic space by transforming their mindsets, this fifth edition will provide an opportunity to cement the conference’s vision. To this end, the partner think tanks chose for this year the following theme Changing Mental Maps: Strategies for an Atlantic in Transition. 

Changing mental maps and asserting an Atlantic vision can only be reinforced when the next generation of leaders are given a place at the table, to challenge the established perspectives and forward the conversations. To this end, the Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders (ADEL) program fosters a unique network across generations, continents, and cultures, aimed at stimulating generational dialogue within the conference, and beyond by building a large interconnected community of rising professionals in their respective fields.

The program seeks to bring together rising leaders, in different sectors, who have displayed leadership capabilities, but who also have a strong sense of commitment to social and economic issues facing their communities in particular and the world in general. The Emerging Leaders are chosen not only for their outstanding achievements, but for their character, commitment to others and to contemporary development, business and other Atlantic interregional shared issues.

Through discussions and debates with other fellow young leaders as well as with established policy, business and civil decision makers present at the Conference, the selected pace shapers will get the chance to broaden their knowledge, sharpen their skills, and network with the other members of this growing community (an alumni network of 180 rising professionals).

2 days before the conference begins, the Emerging Leaders join a tailor made policy immersion program, consisting of structured group conversations with decision and opinion makers on key Atlantic development and cooperation issues, a site visit to a major academic center, briefings from think tankers, and informal meetings with innovative community leaders. Then they get a unique opportunity to get exposed to the high level policy and business leaders, speak at several panels, and lead the Atlantic Dialogues final plenary session under a theme they get to develop together. 

Young leaders from the around the Atlantic basin who have demonstrated leadership and initiative in their fields, who want to contribute to shaping the regional and global agenda in politics, finance, business, civil society and many other areas, who are eager to network with their peers and older, and who seek to foster and strengthen ties across the Atlantic are invited to apply. (Call for Application to be published on July 2017)