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Alfredo Da Gama e Abreu Valladão

Title: Senior Visiting Fellow

Related programsGeopolitics and International Relations

Area of expertise: International affairs, geopolitics, global economics, Brazil and Latin America.

Alfredo da Gama e Abreu Valladão is Professor at the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) of Sciences Po Paris and a Senior Fellow at OCP Policy Center who focuses on International affairs, geopolitics, global economics, Brazil and Latin America.. Alongside this position, he is the President of the Advisory Board of the EU-Brazil Association in Brussels, the Director of the Latin America Research Chair at CESEM-HEM, in Morocco, a Member of the Board of Trustees of UNITAR, and a columnist for Radio France International (RFI). He previously held a position as Director of the Mercosur Chair of Sciences Po (1999-2010), and he is the former Coordinator of the Working Group on EU-Mercosur Negotiations and of the International Conference of Forte Copacabana on European-South American Defense and Security Dialogue. Professor Valladão has published extensively on geopolitics, global economics, regional integration and trade negotiations, Brazil and Latin America. He holds a PhD in Political Sciences from Sciences Po Paris