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Otaviano Canuto

Title: Senior Non-Resident Fellow

Related programsLong Term Development / Public Policy School

Area of expertise: International macroeconomics, development economics, poverty reduction, International Affairs.

Otaviano Canuto is a Senior Fellow at OCP Policy Center who focuses on International macroeconomics, development economics, poverty reduction and international Affairs. In addition, for a second time, he has been named Executive Director at the Board of the World Bank for Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Panama, Philippines, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago. A former vice president and senior adviser at the World Bank, he has also previously served as an executive director of the IMF and as a vice president of the Inter-American Development Bank. Prior to those positions, he was State Secretary for International Affairs at the Ministry of Finance in Brazil and a professor of economics at University of São Paulo and UNICAMP.