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Pierre-Richard Agénor

Title: Senior Visiting Fellow

Related programsLong Term Development / Public Policy School

Area of expertise: International macroeconomics, development economics, growth theory, labor economics, poverty reduction.

Pierre-Richard Agénor is Hallsworth Professor of International Macroeconomics and Development Economics, University of Manchester, and co‐Director, Centre for Growth and Business Cycle   Research, as well as a Senior Fellow at OCP Policy Center who focuses on international macroeconomics, development economics, growth theory, labor economics and poverty reduction. He is also Principal Investigator, ESRC‐DFID Growth Research Program; International Research Fellow, Kiel Institute of the World Economy; Senior Fellow, FERDI; Research Associate, CAMA; and Senior Fellow, OCP Policy Center. He has published widely in leading professional journals  and made contributions to a wide range of fields in economics,  including international macroeconomics,  development economics, growth theory, labor economics,  and poverty analysis.

He is the author of The Economics of Adjustment and Growth (Harvard  University Press), Development Macroeconomics  (with P. J. Montiel, Princeton University Press),  and more recently Public Capital, Growth and Welfare  (Princeton University Press). He has taught and lectured in numerous universities and research institutions around the world.