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De l’assombrissement des perspectives mondiales aux stratégies spéculatives : comment comprendre le repli des cours des métaux ?

Yves Jégourel | November 07, 2018

Les cours de la quasi-totalité des métaux industriels et précieux se sont inscrits, depuis plusieurs mois, dans une dynamique baissière. Si le...

Africa’s New Social Movements: A Continental Approach

Hisham Aidi | November 05, 2018

Scholars of social movements and global protest have long neglected social movements in Africa, ostensibly because African societies are too rural,...

After Five Years, Challenges Facing MINUSMA Persist

Rida Lyammouri | November 05, 2018

The situation in Mali continues to evolve and is making MINUSMA’s task further challenging. Civilians in northern and central Mali continue to suffer...

Deindustrialization and Employment in Morocco

Uri Dadush , Abdelaaziz Aït Ali | November 01, 2018

This policy brief shows that the downward trend of employment in manufacturing in Morocco is due primarily to labor productivity improvement and that...