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La verticale Afrique - Mediterranee - Europe dans le Triangle Stratégique Afrique - Europe -Amérique Latine

Fathallah Oualalou | May 28, 2018

Cette intervention vise à montrer la pertinence d’un partenariat rénové entre l’Afrique et l’Europe consacrant la centralité de la Méditerranée, à...

Le conflit du Sahara: vers un nouveau capital de légitimité juridique fondé sur l’équité

Rachid El Houdaigui | May 25, 2018

Peut-on raisonnablement penser le conflit du Sahara sans tenir compte d’une part des correspondances entre facteurs juridiques et extra-juridiques,...

The Global Context: Major Forces Shaping Our World

Isabelle Tsakok | May 21, 2018

The main message of this paper is that our world is undergoing a profound transformation in multiple aspects. These, at a minimum, include the...

Commodity Smuggling in the Maghreb: A Silent Threat

Alexander Babuta & Cathy Haenlein | May 17, 2018

Though largely silent, and not often associated with the same levels of violence as other forms of organized crime, illicit trade threatens national...

Our Trade Tensions Will Persist Beyond Trump

Uri Dadush | May 15, 2018

Looming trade wars unsettle investors and endanger the global economic upswing. The long-term consequences of a withdrawal from global markets, were...

Thinking about the symbiotic relationship between the Media and Terrorism

Mohammed Elshimi | May 03, 2018

Summary : This policy brief endeavors to instigate a re-evaluation of the role of the media in counter-terrorism practice. The mass media coverage of...

Destination-Based Business Cash Flow Taxes

Will Martin | April 30, 2018

Destination-based business cash-flow taxes have received a great deal of attention and are being widely considered as a replacement for traditional...

Will the African Free Trade Agreement Succeed?

Rim Berahab , Uri Dadush | April 18, 2018

The recently signed African Continental Free Trade Agreement represents a countercurrent to protectionist tendencies across the Atlantic and the...

Peacekeeping in Africa: The Importance of the Regional?

Ewan Lawson | April 09, 2018

Violent conflict continues to be a drain on Africa economically, and a disruption politically. Efforts at conflict prevention and peacekeeping have...

Sahélisation de la violence extrémiste : Est-ce la naissance d’une troisième génération de terrorisme ?

Abdelhak Bassou | April 05, 2018

Sommes-nous en train d’assister à l’émergence d’une troisième génération de jihadisme au Sahel ? Après le phénomène mondialisé des années 90 né sous...

العنف المتطرف يأخذ طابعا ساحليا: هل هي نشأة جيل ثالث من الإرهاب؟

هل نشهد اليوم نشأة جيل ثالث من العنف في الساحل؟ بعد الظاهرة العالمية لتسعينيات القرن الماضي التي نشأت بدافع من المجاهدين الأفغان وقادها أسامة بن...