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Four multidisciplinary annual programs composed of ten 30-hour Courses each. These programs are designed within a systemic approach that highlight the synergy and interdependence between all sectors, and cover the following: “Economic Analysis & Management”, “Commodity Economics & Finance”, “Agricultural Economics & Environment”, and “Geopolitics & International Relations”.

Certificates are delivered to all trainees upon the successful completion of the Courses and are conditioned by compulsory attendance at all sessions.

Each program is structured following a 10 courses format where 7 are core and 3 are electives. A list of 12 elective courses will be offered (3 electives/program). Trainee may choose 3 electives from any of the four programs.

Within this unique formula, the trainees will focus on their specialization while gaining a systemic view that highlights the interdependence between all these strategic fields. The ultimate goal of these advanced trainings is to provide the necessary toolkit for better decision making in their respective fields.

Trainees will compose their own program as follow: