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What was discussed at the Climate Change Workshop in Paris?

Maha Skah | Posted : November 15, 2018

The workshop “Coping with Climate Change” gathered experts, policy-makers and researchers to discuss recent econometric work on decoupling greenhouse gas emissions and economic growth. It explored different policies and instruments that countries and financial institutions are adopting to cope with the effects of climate change (adaptation) and to contribute to the global effort to combat climate change (mitigation). 

Trois Questions à Riccardo Maia, Chef de Bureau de la Minusma à Tombouctou “Parler d’échec est injuste’’

Lemine Ould M. Salem | Posted : November 12, 2018

C’est l’opération de maintien de la paix la plus meurtrière de l’histoire. Installée en juin 2013, la Mission multidimensionnelle intégrée des Nations unies pour la stabilisation au Mali (Minusma) a déjà perdu près de 200 personnes. L’application des dispositions de l’accord de paix signé en 2015 entre le gouvernement malien et les groupes rebelles du Nord marque un grand retard. Pendant ce temps, l’insécurité, longtemps contenue à la seule partie septentrionale du pays, se répand au centre. Chef de bureau de la Minusma à Tombouctou, Riccardo Maia dresse le bilan de cinq ans de présence des Casques bleus onusiens au Mali.

“Wir Schaffen Das” (We Can Manage)

Helmut Sorge | Posted : November 06, 2018


She is modest. Powerful. Thoughtful. The most influential politician of Europe, no, in the world, as US magazine Time stated in a cover story, declaring the German as “person of the year” — in 2015. Often this powerful woman does her grocery shopping without a bodyguard, and only really dresses up for one annual gala, the Wagner-festival in Bayreuth. She enjoys opera, a sharp contrast to her speeches. Richard Wagner, the composer is loud and confusing, sinister and bombastic. His opera, “Parsifal” for example, may take five hours, a great joy for Angela Merkel, who also enjoys football games and is not hesitating to follow the players of the national team directly into their changing room after the match. Last July, she went to see “Tristan and Isolde.” Her dress was as green as the trees in the northeastern Italian Dolomites Mountains, where she often goes tracking with her husband, who is as discreet as a ghost.

L’avenir du travail : quel effet d’une automatisation accrue ?

Yassine Msadfa | Posted : November 05, 2018

Il y a une dizaine d’années, le nombre et la complexité des taches que pouvaient effectuer les robots semblaient encore limités. Aujourd’hui, certains robots, munis d’une intelligence artificielle développée, réussissent à apprendre et à exceller dans des jeux de stratégie assez complexes, comme les échecs ou le jeu de GO. Le développement de la robotique, de l’intelligence artificielle et de l’automatisation, en général, s’est fait de façon relativement rapide, incitant plusieurs experts à prévoir un avenir où les hommes peineraient à trouver du travail dans le sens où le gros du travail serait fait par des machines.

Benefits and Costs of Islamic Finance

Otaviano Canuto | Posted : November 05, 2018

Islamic finance is a way of doing finance while respecting the Islamic ban on interest-based transactions and ensuring risk sharing between parties in all operations. Contracts are supposed to rule out features that would make them akin to gambling or “making money from money.” Furthermore, engagements in businesses considered immoral or ethically problematic are not allowed.

Croiser les vues Nord et Sud sur la migration

Sabine Cessou | Posted : November 01, 2018

Le séminaire de haut niveau, organisé par OCP Policy Center ce 2 novembre 2018 à Rabat, est axé sur « La migration : réconcilier les visions du Nord et du Sud ». 

Gulf Actors and the Role of Peace in the Horn of Africa

Rida Lyammouri | Posted : October 31, 2018

There has been a flurry of activity in the Horn of Africa recently, where decades-old political disputes have suddenly been put to rest. The resulting changes have shattered the status quo in the region, putting the Horn on a new path where state-to-state relations are no longer marked by regional competition and frozen borders. While this has undoubtedly been a positive development for the region, one big piece of the puzzle has been the role of external actors in the process, and the degree to which the developments are organic or externally imposed. 

An African Pope?

Helmut Sorge | Posted : October 25, 2018

These Sober Sisters are not Attracted by Cosmetics

Perhaps they were two dozen women, possibly less. They were glued to the wooden floor, just like geese or storks flying in formation, being pushed by time and the winds and currents above the clouds from the wintery Europe to Morocco. No sound or movement by the frail bodies, dressed in their simple brown habit. Just the arms stretched out, and their eyes focused on a statue of Mary, the ever-blessed mother of Jesus Christ, son of God. They were nuns, contemplative sisters of the catholic Carmelite order, which was founded more than 500 years ago. They pray their Ave Maria and Kyrie (eleison),they pray Agnus Dei and Salve Regina, some engulfed in apparitions and visions, praying again, cleaning toilets and cooking vegetable soup, the carrots and potatoes harvested in the garden, covered by the wall, where they housed their chicken.

At times, usually around Christmas, they agree to listen together to Handel’s “Messiah” oratorio, up to three hours of Christian thoughts, the redemption through the life of the savior; the highlight of this historic, musical masterpiece of orchestra, choir and soloists is the “hallelujah” chorus, a kind of religious pop song. For some monks and nuns, the monastery is nothing else but the waiting room for paradise, the holy, sacred preparation to meet the Almighty. Sleep is, for these men and women, nothing less than the preparation for death. The bible is the center, the world outside exists in the shadow of their faith. Bach’s St. Matthew passion touches their souls, the life in the community, surrounded by high walls to protect their never-ending hours of contemplation.