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European and migration issues: an interview with former German Ambassador Hubert Lang

Helmut Sorge | Posted : February 09, 2018

Is the future of Europe decided in Africa?  

No doubt that whatever happens in Africa, be it positive or negative, has an impact on Europe. Unfortunately, in recent years positive developments in Africa as a whole have rather been scarce, and this is especially true for sub-saharian Africa. But to be fair, one has to look more at countries individually rather than to Africa as a whole continent. Thus we can clearly see that in some parts there is progress and in others, unfortunately, there is standstill if not regression. And regression in some parts of Africa means more immigrants into Europe. My advice is that European and African leaders come together and honestly and seriously analyze the reasons why massive numbers of mostly young Africans are leaving there countries. Unfortunately I am not very optimistic that some of these leaders recognize that they have a direct responsibility in the situation. 

Russia, Turkey, Syria, the kurds, American troops and…no end in sight

Helmut Sorge | Posted : February 07, 2018

Once again, dramatization and theatrical work on the world stage. Once again, a crisis turning into dramatic art, just to impress the audience, with exaggerated threats and statements. This was not a rehearsal of stage craft, but crude politics, a verbal confrontation of two egos - the President of the United States vs the President of Turkey. During a UN meeting in September of last year, Donald Trump stated that Recep Tayyip Erdogan “has become a friend”, and said he was convinced that now both are as close as they’ve ever been. Possibly those were just words, a sort of diplomatic backslap which the self-centered Erdogan certainly treasured. Now, between the two, there are rather confrontation, words of war and even the menace of a conflict. 

هل تندلع حرب النيل؟

Abdelhak Bassou | Posted : January 29, 2018

بلغت أزمة حوض النيل الناجمة عن تشييد سد "النهضة الإثيوبي" مرحلة حاسمة، وأضحت في مفترق الطرقات بين الحرب والسلم، خصوصا بعد التحركات الدبلوماسية الأخيرة وبعد انطلاق حشد الجنود على الحدود. حيث يشير الخبراء المختصون في هذه القضية أن العلاقات بين دول حوض النيل متأرجحة بين الصراع والتعاون، ويقرون أن المفاوضات حول قضية الماء تشهد مدا وجزا وتقلبات بحكم توالي فترات من المقاومة والجمود وحتى التهديدات  في بعض الأحيان

La Guerre du Nil n’aura pas lieu ?

Abdelhak Bassou | Posted : January 24, 2018

Sur fond de ballets diplomatiques et d’amassements de troupes sur les frontières, la crise du bassin du Nil, provoquée par le barrage « grande renaissance éthiopienne », semble à la bifurcation des chemins entre la guerre et paix. Les experts de la question soulignent en effet que les rapports entre les États dans le Bassin du Nil, oscillent entre confrontation et coopération et que l’évolution des relations et négociations sur la question de l’eau n’est pas stable puisqu’il existe des phases de résistance, de blocage et parfois de menace

George Weah was on a mission

Helmut Sorge | Posted : January 19, 2018

You can call him a” poster child, a symbol—forgotten, deprived, but determined. A boy searching for freedom, for equality, for a world without racism and chances for all. Liberated of chains. Free to breath and to dream. He became a football player, a great one, the first African football professional, honored as the best African, European and world football player in the same year (1995).

German military involvement in Sahel region : will it last and why ?

Helmut Sorge | Posted : January 18, 2018

They hesitated for decades before returning to the battle field, observed closely by its citizens and neighbors, the enemies of yesterday. For years Germany has been reluctant to engage in military actions outside its borders because of the shame of war, the fear of being misunderstood or again being accused of military adventures. Yet, history was advancing, relentlessly, and Realpolitik, the recognition of reality, caught up with Berlin. Today German troops are engaged in Afghanistan, German pilots are stationed in Jordan, helping in the struggle against the so-called Islamic state, and yes, for four years now the German “Bundeswehr” is active in the Sahel region. In November of last year, the Parliament extended  the authorizations for 1300 soldiers to be stationed in Mali for three additional months,  and 1000 of those troops remain  as part of the UN sponsored stabilization attempt, the Minusma mission. 

Ade Mabogunje «Innovation takes courage and a strong team spirit»

OCP Policy Center | Posted : December 21, 2017

Nigerian and « design thinking process » expert, Ade Mabogunje has worked in Africa, India and Europe, before settling in California, where he is a Director at Stanford University. What does it take exactly for innovation to happen ? Such is the line of his thinking and teaching. He’s been invited twice to the 2016 and 2017 Atlantic Dialogues to share his knowledge with two cohorts of 50 Emerging Leaders from Africa, Europe and the Americas, selected by the OCP Policy Center. This Professor who refuses to be called so prefers to describe himself as an « ant ». He believes strongly in team spirit - if not Ubuntu, this African set of values that states in all the Bantu languages that « I am a human being only through other human beings ». 

Sécurité, partenariats Sud-Sud et regards latino-américains

OCP Policy Center | Posted : December 20, 2017

La troisième et dernière journée de la conférence de haut niveau Atlantique Dialogues, organisée du 13 au 15 décembre à Marrakech par l’OCP Policy Center, a porté pour l’essentiel sur des questions de géopolitique africaine, ainsi que sur la “croissance sans emploi”, “les partenariats Sud-Sud” et les témoignages apportés par trois anciens présidents d’Argentine et du Costa-Rica sur les trajectoires de développement latino-américaines.