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This is the perfect storm, but nobody wants to talk about it

Helmut Sorge | Posted : May 11, 2018

Awad Ibrahim, chairman of the Lybian Organisation of Policies and Strategies (LOPS), one of the few think tanks in this violence-torn country, has escaped to establish contacts with his African colleagues at the African Think Tank Summit held in Rabat from May 9th to 11th. For a few years he was Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy in his country, and later appointed Deputy Prime minister. At times Awad Ibrahim fears for his life, but he believes a political solution between the two competing power centers in Lybia is still possible, even through elections. When ? He remains silent… No one knows. Dr Awad Ibrahim, educated in electrical engineering, was in his world when he discussed the role of think tanks in advocating for green energy in Africa, a session chaired by Aziz Mekouar, the ambassador to multilateral negotiations of COP 22 and future representative of Morocco in China. 

Les think tanks africains : grande diversité et défis communs

Mokhtar Ghailani | Posted : May 10, 2018

Le sens communautaire évoqué par Karim El Aynaoui, directeur général de l’OCP Policy Center, dans son allocution de bienvenue aux participants à la seconde édition du Sommet des think tanks africains, s’est exprimé dans toute sa richesse et sa diversité le 9 mai.

Olusegun Obasanjo speaks at the African Think Tanks Summit 2018

Helmut Sorge | Posted : May 10, 2018

These days, the word «crisis» is gaining a new urgency around the globe… Crisis of humanity, of water, hunger, poverty, climate. Crisis of war, destruction, terrorism. And a crisis of thought, intellectual exchange, theories transfered into reality. And a crisis of think tanks, eventually, although their work matters, since it sends signals, offers proposals and applicable solutions. 

Think tanks in Africa : a special role for the road ahead

Sabine Cessou | Posted : May 09, 2018

Think tanks are blooming in Africa, as they have been in the USA, Europe and China… Some are already mature, like the Codesria, launched in 1973 in Dakar (Senegal) or the Institute for Security Studies (ISS), first established in 1991 in Pretoria, with regional offices opened in Cape Town, Addis Abeba and Nairobi. 

The Absolute Reality of the Unreal

Helmut Sorge | Posted : May 03, 2018

“Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and smart” (Donald Trump on Twitter).


Helmut Sorge | Posted : April 23, 2018

The 132nd day in the Gregorian calendar, anno 2018, will be part of history, a day future generations will most likely not forget, the 12th of May. Only history buffs will remember that on the 12th day of May, Napoleon conquered Venice, once known as the “Most Serene Republic”. On May 12th and the following days in the year of 1940, the Nazis crossed the Meuse and defeated France in a Blitzkrieg. England’s King George VI celebrated his coronation in 1937, on this same fateful day, which will follow us through history and into eternity, hopefully. By May 12th of this year Donald Trump, the President of the United States, will decide whether he will allow pragmatism and peace to prevail, or allow his instincts, emotions and a simplistic spirit of nationalism lead the world towards tension, terror and, possible destruction— into a war, possibly two. May 12th of 2018 will be the day for a fundamental political decision, which will affect America’s standing in the world, and will diminish respect for the man in the White House, whatever esteem remains. The decision of the President will affect the globe, the future.

La géopolitique de l’Afrique centrale en question

Sabine Cessou | Posted : April 19, 2018

L’Afrique centrale a fait l’objet du focus sous-régional de la deuxième partie des cinquièmes Dialogues stratégiques, une rencontre biannuelle organisée le 11 avril dernier à Paris par l’OCP Policy Center et HEC. 

Quel rôle pour l’Afrique et l’Europe dans le monde qui se dessine ?

Sabine Cessou | Posted : April 16, 2018

La conférence organisée par l'Institut Montaigne et l'OCP Policy Center à Paris le 12 avril a abordé la question de l'investissement étranger dans une Afrique perçue à la fois comme une menace et un nouvel eldorado en Europe. "L’Afrique et l’Europe sont dans une même voiture, à  l’avenir elles peuvent aller très haut et très vite ou se fracasser contre un mur", a affirmé Jean-Michel Huet, consutant pour Bearing Point. Son regret : que l'Afrique soit un sujet encore très peu perçu par les Européens, malgré son dynamisme et son énorme potentiel.