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OCP Policy Center’s blog is an open debate and exchange platform where experts share comments, reviews, analyses, charts, opinions and facts related to the Think Tank’s programs and research topics.


Peacekeeping operations in Africa: political reforms at stake

Sabine Cessou | Posted : June 19, 2018

The second edition of the African Peace and Security Annual Conference (APSACO), organized in Rabat by OCP Policy Center, has started on June 18th with a broad debate on the political and strategic aspects of peacekeeping operations in Africa.

ليبيا: من الجحيم إلى النعيم؟

الأمين ولد سالم | Posted : June 13, 2018

خلال القمة التي عقدها الرئيس الفرنسي إيمانويل ماكرون في قصر الإليزيه بباريس في 29 مايو 2018، صادق الفاعلون الرئيسيون الأربعة في الأزمة الليبية على "الإعلان السياسي بشأن ليبيا" الذي ينص على إجراء انتخابات برلمانية ورئاسية في 10 ديسمبر القادم. هذه الوثيقة "التاريخية"، كما جاء على لسان الرئيس الفرنسي، تظل مهددة بالتعقيدات التي تطبع الأوضاع على أرض الواقع في ليبيا.

Libya: After hell, heaven ?

Lemine Ould Salem | Posted : June 13, 2018

On 29 May 2018, at the Summit organized by French President Emmanuel Macron at the Palais de l'Elysée in Paris, the four main players in the Libyan crisis approved a "Political Declaration on Libya" calling for the organization of both legislative and presidential elections on 10 December next. This "historic" text, as described by the French Head of State, is nevertheless in jeopardy given the complexity of the current situation in Libya.

“I like the moment I break a man’s ego.”

Helmut Sorge | Posted : June 11, 2018

Donald Trump, a golf addict with a self-declared handicap of 3, is not noted for any chess enthusiasm, although the game is a simulation of a battle, and filled with military terminology such as double attack, demolition, breakthrough, decoying, interception, blockade, and x-ray attack among others. The historic game is intellectual, structured, and logic. The object is to maneuver the antagonist’s king into a position from which escape is impossible. The two contenders - at times - sit for hours, in front of their chessboard, staring, wordless, on their pieces, 16 at all. 

Libye: Après l’enfer, le paradis?

Lemine Ould Salem | Posted : June 06, 2018

Les quatre acteurs majeurs de la crise libyenne ont approuvé, le 29 mai 2018, lors du Sommet organisé par le Président français Emmanuel Macron au Palais de l’Elysée à Paris, une “Déclaration politique sur la Libye” qui prévoit l’organisation le 10 décembre prochain d’un double scrutin, législatif et présidentiel. Ce texte “historique”, selon le Chef de l’Etat français, reste cependant menacé par la complexité de la réalité sur le terrain libyen.

Argentina, Turkey and the May Storm in Emerging Markets

Otaviano Canuto | Posted : June 06, 2018

The spike in US bond yields since mid-April in tandem with the strengthening of the dollar sparked a retrenchment of capital flows to emerging markets (EM), accompanied by a sell-off of assets in some cases. Argentina and Turkey suffered from strong and potentially disruptive exchange rate depreciation pressures in May, with financial markets calming down only after bold domestic policy moves (interest rate hikes in both countries and, in the case of Argentina, a decision to seek a new loan from the International Monetary Fund - IMF). 

"We are living in the Throes of victory"

Helmut Sorge | Posted : May 31, 2018

He wore sunglasses. A traditional red and white checkered headscarf, a Bedouin Arab keffiyeh, covered his balding head. His combat uniform was khaki colored. When my host sat down he clamped his Kalachnikov with two hands, tucking the weapon to his chubby body, 5 feet and 4 inches in all. He was unshaven, with his famous three days beard. The tent was surrounded by armed guards, since we were meeting (in secret) in the Jordan Valley, near the Israeli-Jordanian border. Caution was advisable, since the Bedouin warriors of King Hussein were unpredictable (forcing Arafat’s troops to leave in 1970), and the Israelis were forever ready to ignore borders- they came to kill.

African think tanks Summit: a common view for the challenges ahead

Sabine Cessou | Posted : May 31, 2018

What are the best ways forward to enhance the capacity, increase the impact, and ensure the long term viability of think tanks in Africa? These questions have been debated during the 2nd edition of African Think Tank Summit (ATTS) held in Rabat from May 9th to May 11th.