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Our podcasts are theme specific presentations addressed by our network of experts and partners. You can browse the podcasts and download or listen to the ones of interest. We also invite you to subscribe to OCP Policy Center’s Itunes Podcast station in order to stay informed of the latest briefs.  



David Humphrey’s Outlook for the Mining Industry

David Humphrey | Fri, 17 March 2017

This podcast is performed by Mr. David Humphrey. Mineral economics comprises a wide range of issues relating to the mineral sector. These include pure economics topics such as prices, costs, and productivity, as well as public policy issues such as scarcity, conservation and depletion, and finally aspects of geology, mining and technology. The purpose of this podcast is to describe the discipline of mineral economics and its various tools in evaluating the mineral industry from both a public and private sector perspective. In addition, the podcast try to give an outlook for the mining industry as of now.

Evolution de la géopolitique de l'énergie dans un contexte mondial incertain

Francis Perrin | Fri, 30 December 2016

Ce podcast est présenté par M. Francis Perrin. Il traite des principaux acteurs des industries mondiales du pétrole et du gaz, explique pourquoi le secteur de l’énergie est au cœur des enjeux géopolitiques mondiaux et met en exergue les nouveaux défis que rencontre ce secteur.

Post U.S. elections: New Foreign Policy Agenda Towards the Atlantic

Ian Lesser | Thu, 01 December 2016

This podcast is performed by Dr. Ian Lesser. November 8th came as a surprise to many in the foreign policy world when the United States elected Donald Trump as its new president. While the U.S.’ transatlantic partners in the EU and NATO contemplate what this means for their relationship – the rest of the Atlantic responded in a mixture of disbelief and diplomatic congratulations as many advocated for the respect for state sovereignty and self-determination. While President-elect Trump has been vague on his foreign policy platform, he has been outspoken on migration and trade negotiations like TPP, TTIP and NATFA – all issues that could greatly affect the Atlantic space. Join us as we discuss with Ian Lesser the U.S. elections results and what the new U.S. foreign policy agenda towards the Atlantic may look like.

The Brexit and EU's Disintegration Dynamics

Pol Morillas | Tue, 22 November 2016

This podcast is performed by Pol Morillas. The European Council of 18-19 February 2016 will be marked by the presentation of the final deal between David Cameron and the rest of EU leaders in view of the Brexit referendum, to be held before 2017. What way ahead from now? What are the prospects for UK's exit of the EU? And what would be the implications for the EU's future from the Brexit?

Trump et l’Asie : Fin du pivot et montée des incertitudes

Céline Pajon | Tue, 15 November 2016

Ce podcast est délivré par Céline Pajon. L’élection de Donald Trump, porteuse de fortes incertitudes en matière de politique étrangère, a été observée avec inquiétude en Asie.
Les alliés de Washington s’alarment d’un possible retrait stratégique américain, alors que la Chine y voit une opportunité à saisir pour redéfinir la relation bilatérale à son avantage.
L’enjeu est important car l’arrivée de Trump qui remet en cause les partenariats de sécurité et les accords de libre-échange pourrait signifier la fin du « pivot » en Asie et la confirmation de la prédominance chinoise dans la région.