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Our podcasts are theme specific presentations addressed by our network of experts and partners. You can browse the podcasts and download or listen to the ones of interest. We also invite you to subscribe to OCP Policy Center’s Itunes Podcast station in order to stay informed of the latest briefs.  



Reviving Multilateral Security Dialogue in the MENA: Finding the Hard, but Possible, Compromise

Emiliano Alessandri | Fri, 05 May 2017

This podcast is performere by Mr. Eamiliano Alessandri. While possible, prospects for repairing existing fractures through multilateral dialogue and compromise have become elusive as crises in the region persist. There are quite a few unfavorable conditions hindering the emergence of some form of multilateral security process: areas of hot conflict have widened in recent years making violence almost endemic in the region, in countries like Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya; the Middle East peace process is in a stalemate and already thin trust between the Israeli and Palestinian leaderships is all but gone as both have become more contested among respective constituencies and less respected abroad; in some countries, the social contract seems to be breaking after a failed Arab Spring, challenging government authority even in places like Tunisia where a fragile democratic transition audaciously continues despite growing socio-economic discontent and a deteriorating security situation; some other MENA states have become weaker as a result of chronic violence and dysfunctional governance; while non-Arab states, from Turkey to Iran, have seen an opportunity to expand their clout in a Middle East in flux, even if themselves under great pressure, extra-regional actors have never appeared more divided about the course to follow, or more distracted by other priorities.

Le retour des combattants terroristes étrangers : une menace imminente à gérer

Abdelhak Bassou | Thu, 04 May 2017

Ce podcast est présenté par M. Abdelhak Bassou. A la lumière de son Policy Brief, M. Bassou s’attarde sur la définition des combattants terroristes étrangers, l’entrainement étudié et ciblé dont ils bénéficient, la nature de la menace qu’ils représentent, ainsi que les mesures qu’il faut prendre à leur égard.

Inégalité de revenus, politique budgétaire et stabilité macroéconomique

Romain Rancière | Wed, 24 May 2017

Ce podcast est présenté par M. Romain Rancière. La formulation de la politique budgétaire est influencée par le contexte macroéconomique auquel un pays est confronté. M. Rancière apporte des explications à ces mécanismes en abordant la problématique des inégalités de revenus et de la stabilité macroéconomique. Il expose également sa vision des perspectives économiques de la France au lendemain de l’élection d’Emmanuel Macron à la Présidence de la République française.

L’Amérique déclenchera t-elle une guerre commerciale mondiale ?

Uri Dadush | Tue, 02 May 2017

Ce podcast est présenté par M. Uri Dadush. Alors que la résurgence des politiques protectionnistes semble rendre une aggravation sensible des frictions commerciales inévitable, M. Daduch tente de définir la vision du monde du Président Trump, les moyens d’action dont il dispose, ainsi que les facteurs qui peuvent modérer la politique protectionniste de son administration.

Housing Policies in Africa and Brazil: The role of PPPs for low-income housing

Marcus Vinicius de Freitas | Thu, 27 April 2017

This podcast is performed by Mr. Marcus Vinicius de Freitas. The purpose of this Podcast is to discuss how to deal with decreasing government funds for public housing through Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), to address the challenges of public housing needs, and how governmental programs may at times crowd out private interest in public housing, through PPPs.