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Our podcasts are theme specific presentations addressed by our network of experts and partners. You can browse the podcasts and download or listen to the ones of interest. We also invite you to subscribe to OCP Policy Center’s Itunes Podcast station in order to stay informed of the latest briefs.  



Atlantic Future Project Outcomes – What next for the Atlantic Space?

Danielle Piatkiewicz | Tue, 05 April 2016

This podcast is performed by Danielle Piatkiewicz. The aim of the Atlantic Future Project was to study the rationales of cooperation in the Atlantic area and to suggest strategies to the EU on how to engage with the wider transatlantic relationship in the context of the ongoing redistribution of power and the overall rebalancing of relations around and within the Atlantic space. As the project concluded in December 2016, the results and findings analysed the fundamental trends in the Atlantic basin and to show how changing economic, energy, security, human, institutional and environmental links are transforming the wider Atlantic space. What does this mean in the scope of a joint Atlantic policy?

Sept ans après la crise: regards croisés

Guntram Wolff et Karim El Aynaoui | Sat, 02 April 2016

Ce podcast est délivré par Guntram Wolff et Karim El Aynaoui. L’émission Tableau de Bord d’Atlantic Radio a reçu samedi 2 avril 2016 M. Guntram Wolff, directeur de Bruegel, et M. Karim El Aynaoui, directeur général d’OCP Policy Center. Durant 30 minutes, ils ont discuté les défis et opportunités économiques partagés par les pays développement et émergents. Cette rencontre a eu lieu dans le contexte d’une plateforme de dialogue entre les deux régions.

WTO Accessions and Trade Multilateralism

Chiedu Osakwe | Fri, 01 April 2016

This podcast is performed by Chiedu Osakwe. On the occasion of the publication of a book on 'WTO Accessions and Trade Multilateralism Case Studies and Lessons from the WTO at Twenty' co-authored by Uri Dadush, Senior Fellow OCP Policy Center and Chiedu Osakwe, Director of accessions at the WTO, we conducted an interview with Dr. Osakwe. It covered how WTO accessions have contributed to the rules-based multilateral trading system at different levels. It also questioned the future role of the WTO in the light of the Doha round difficulties.

The Tale of Commodities : from Super Cycles to Structural Changes

David Humphreys | Mon, 14 March 2016

This podcast is performed by Mr. David Humphreys. He was formerly chief economist of the London-based mining company, Rio Tinto, and of Russia's largest mining company, Norilsk Nickel. The purpose of this podcast is to define the super cycles, to know if they changed the industry and to identify the biggest winners and the biggest loosers.

The new Eastern Mediterranean Equation and Transatlantic Implications

Ian Lesser | Thu, 10 March 2016

This podcast is performed by Ian Lesser. The prevailing disorder and conflict in the Eastern Mediterranean could be a durable feature of the strategic environment in the years ahead. Sustained sectarian conflict, the more assertive role of regional actors, including Iran, Russia and Turkey, and the uncertain engagement of Europe and the United States, are prominent features of this environment. From migration flows, energy security and terrorism, to the growing role of distant actors such as China, developments in the Eastern Mediterranean are now at the center of global geopolitics.